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1989 Aerostar Electrical & Lighting Systems Malfunction

When I turn ON my van, the panel lights (acceleration, speed, gas) its ok, its ON, but when I turn my headlights it goes OFF, but I can see verry dark that stil working (the acceleration and speed, and temp, gas). My panel is digital.
And when I turn the headlights off the panel come back ON (the lights)
I did check the dimmer control
I did check wiring connections plug
can you help me?"

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1993 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

After sitting for three days my vehical wouldn't start, loud poping sound which sounded like the silonoid?, I just replaced the starter twice, first time silonoid was not replaced second time both.

Since I moved to atlanta Three months ago I've put 3350 miles on this van since it's tune up; forgot to turn of the lights four times with it sitting fordays at a the point that there was complete silence had it jumped each time. oil light gas come on twice I've had the oil change and added oil stabilizer.(Although the battery's Seven months old, could it now be discharged from the excessive deadening of the battery?)

Vehicle not starting Continued:

{I tried starting the van from the silonoid noticing a very slowe turne, re hook silonoid wen't back to attempt a start from ignition, sat on it for about 2 min and it begun to slowly turn/ Bam running like new, power fine, {did notice a leak from the filter so I had the oil changed; which was do in three days, and all fluids checked.

Next day morning, I started the van, let it run for few and cut off then started again no proublem. Five oclock that evening I tried starting it again, like befor, battery and oil light on, though this time there was a soft start, also notice water spot below tail pipe. {To top it off} there has been an oil leak from the center of th oil pan not very small but anuff to leave a spot. Could this be a gasket or>>>>? Should I start saving my allowance, just joking but please

1987 Aerostar Drive Train & Driveline Malfunction

the overdrive does not go in

1995 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

Our 1995 AWD Aerostar (300+K) recently runs very rough when started warm. No problems after a minute or two or when cold.

1996 Aerostar Brake System Other

We have a taxi co. and this problem is about to put us out of business!!! We have 2 Areostars that have the same problem! When you are driving at any speed and you just touch the brakes the rear locks up instintly. We have parts vans that just came off the road with no brake problems, so trial and error is not costly just time consuming. We ended up canging EVERYTHING twice with used parts except for the hoses, wheel cyl and shoes which were replaced with new. NO DIFFERANCE! Took it to local brake shop, $250 later and still no difference! Took to Ford dealer $750 later and still no difference! And they are saying "Do'nt know what to tell ya" DEERS SUCK!!! So I put an aftermarket poporsioning valve in the rear line and even with that turned all the way down still no difference! I have talked to meny other machanics and no one has a clue. DO YOU?

1993 Aerostar Electrical & Lighting Systems Other

The horn does not work. Can you tell me where the horn is so I can get it to work? Do I have to change a fuse or replace the horn? Can you help me?

Thank you.

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1995 Aerostar General Other

My Aerostar has I believe a safty feature. You can not shift from park without depressing the brake first. However, this feature is not working, it takes for ever for us to be able to shift, it is not releasing I guess. We bought the van used and do not have an owners manual. On the dash it tells you to look into the owners manual to override the feature. How do we unhook this feature. Thank you

1989 Aerostar Drive Train & Driveline Malfunction

my odometer and overdrive do not work. i have a digital display for speedometer/ odometer and neither one works. all other gauges work fine.

1995 Aerostar Chassis, Suspension & Steering Leaking

We have discovered the leak is coming from the overflow valve thingy below where you add brake fluid. We have replaced the brake shoes (which were still ok but would have been changed soon anyways)and the overflow valve as well.But the leak still persists. We do not know what to do next to stop it from spewing brake fluid every time you apply the brakes.

1996 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

While driving check engine light came on and started to over heat. Towed to ford dealer, replaced both heads engine was running rough when picked up. It was diagnosed to be the transmission which was then replaced, still running rough. Replaced mass air sensor, cleaned injectors 4 times, new cam sensor, replaced one O2 sensor still have the problem. Runs rough when there is a load on the engine especially when the a/c is on and your accelerating or traveling up a grade.

1996 Aerostar Engine Chugging

The CHECK ENGINE light has been on for a while now. Three of the codes point to the emission system, and one to a misfire in cylinder four. After the engine gets warm, and I slow down or stop, when I accelerate the van seems to shudder and vibrate and seems to have no power - I guess you could say the engine is chugging. If I try to accelerate too quickly, the vibration gets worse and the CHECK ENGINE light flashes on and off. I can accelerate slowly and once I get above 50 mph, the van runs fine. I don't know if I have an engine air problem, fuel problem, transmission problem, or what. I have replaced the IDLE AIR CONTROL VVE and the MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR since on my previous 1995 Aerostar those parts were often a problem. Any ideas? I can't afford to take it to a Ford dealer, my favorite garage can't fit me in until next week, and they don't do transmissions, so I'm not sure which shop to take it to. Thanks.

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1993 Aerostar Drive Train & Driveline Malfunction

This is a Ford Aerostar 4.0 with all wheel drive automatic trans with 240, 000 miles. A rebuilt tranny put in within 25, 000 - 30, 000. Fluid is full and pink with no odors. We put in some tranny medic which help a little.
When driving, cold mostly, the trans just began to malfunction. First appeared at about 50MPH slight shutter at times. Now, it will shift okay from 1st to 2nd, then, when going to 3rd, the engine will race but tranny not shift into gear. You can shift to 1st or 2nd which will downshift and go in that gear only.
When hot the problem is very intermitent and mostly no problem at all. Would the vacuum module be a possibility? Internal/tranny electrical? Any help is appeciated. Thanks!

1989 Aerostar Drive Train & Driveline Malfunction

transmission was replaced with one from another aerostar than was working. The problem is the transmission does not turn in any gear (reverse - drive - etc.) the van is an eddie bower addition with a 3.0 eng. This problem is the same one the original transmission had. Is the problem the power control module or what? or should i stick to working on bicycles?

1991 Aerostar Drive Train & Driveline Hesitating

When i put it into reverse it goes in fine but when i put it into drive it just sits there for a few second then when it does kick into gear it kinda clunks into doesnt hesitate after that it will shift just fine . Then when i take it out of gear then try to put it back in it does the same thing hesitates for a few second then it will kick in. i changed the filter on the tranny but still does the same i thought it was cuz it sat for awhile. I think it might be the modulator but i dont know but a reply would be greatly appreciated.

1993 Aerostar Fuel System Other

My 93 Aerostar 4.0, was getting 18 mpg. While driving up hill with a load of passengers I heard a loud pop and lost power. The dealer checked the exhaust system and $600.00 of other tests but found nothing wrong. however now I only get 13mpg. I do have power now. I checked spark plugs, wires. fuel pump, ect., no luck. any ideas?
Thank you.
glenn1995 Aerostar General Sticking We have a feature that you have to depress the brake in order to shift from park. However, this feature sticks and it takes sometimes 10 minutes to get it out of park, you have to keep pressing the brake. We bought the van used and do not have an owners manual. There is a sticker on the dash that tells the brake has to be decompressed to shift into drive, see owner's mannual to override this feature, but we don't have one. Please help.

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1989 Aerostar Drive Train & Driveline Slipping

Recently I had my transmission overhauled. The tranny had to be taken apart a second time because the 4th gear seal had problems. Now when under hard acceleration, stressing the engine, the transmission goes out of gear and acts like it is in neutral. If I back off the accelerator for a short period of time, the transmission goes back into 4th gear. Is this a transmission problem or is it in the electronics or computer or vaccumm?

1993 Aerostar Ignition System Stalling

All electrical power shuts off when driving down the road. After waiting for 30 seconds or more electrical power comes on and you can restart the engine. Go about a mile or so and it repeats the same. Ignition module has been changed.

1997 Aerostar Ignition System Lagging

1997 Aerostar Fuel System Smelling

Several years ago a rear end collision required rear and side panel body work. Ever since there is a strong smell of gas in van when it is topped off. Worse if driven up hill. This goes away soon when when gas is used. "Check Engine" light also goes on freqently although engine is running normal. I suspect an overflow tube was left off.

1992 Aerostar Fuel System Other

Idle osilates during cold start only. Must keep foot on gas until warm. What is the diagnostic procedure and what sensors are used for cold start only for combustion control/emissions.

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1993 Aerostar Fuel System Lagging

We have changed the air cleaner and we have cleaned the air intake, and added cleaner in the gas tank. whats next?

1992 Aerostar Fuel System Won't Start

I cannot get my Aerostar to start. The engine turns over fine. I have a manual and it says to check the fuel pump relay. I cannot find it. Can someone tell me where it is located?

1994 Aerostar Ignition System Won't Start

it starts when its cold/or/ hot but not in between tempems its not the fuel flow regulater i think it must be crack in disture cap or wires?

1989 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

Engine idle sometimes goes up and down when in gear and brakes are applied. Engine does not backfire or hessitate when the van is moving. There is no black or white smoke coming out the exhaust. Engine does not stall. Idle does not go up or down when transmission is in park. Engine trouble light does not turn on until i make a turn, then the engine trouble light comes on. This change in idle speed happens about twice a day. Engine trouble light turns on after about 10 minutes of driving, and it turns on after making a turn? There is a small coolant leak in one of the radiator hoses, but i keep the coolant level at the correct level. The van does not overheat even when it is used in traffic for about 40 minutes. The van has no problems with accelerating or decelerating or bad fuel economy. Van has no problems in starting up cold every morning, it always starts on the firt try. Van has also passed the arizona emissions inspections.

Is there a possibility of a sensor going bad which causes the idle to sometimes vary? If so, which one is going bad.

The engine trouble light coming on with no change in the vans performance is strange. Engine light does not come on when the idle varies. Seems to be two separate items going on with the van. Idle varies but engine light does not turn on and engine light turns on and idle does not vary?

1993 Aerostar Electrical & Lighting Systems Malfunction

I had a short in my headlight switch and replaced both the switch and plug. All lights now work fine except my dash lights now stay on all the time (even with key off). I pulled it apart checked wire colors, to old plug and all was right. Then put the old light switch onto new plug same problem. Dash lights dim okay and all other functions are good. Is there a fried fuse link or something else that could be the issue?

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1994 Aerostar Engine Leaking

I have a 3.0 engine. It is leaking coolant at rear between motor and trans. I can't locate where it is coming from. Is there a freeze plug between yhese two?

1995 Aerostar Engine Chugging

4.0 AWD with 140k miles. Started about 20K miles ago and just gets worse every summer. After engine is turned off hot, is seems loaded up on restart for a minute or two(unless is sits for about 2-3 hours). If the weather is normal or cool there is never a problem. Exact same thing happened on my other Aerostar at about the same mileage. Can't say for sure, but it could be a tad worse with gasahol.

1989 Aerostar Engine Hesitating

Hi - I have a 3.0 liter with 5 speed. runs perfectly when cold, but as soon as it warms up it misses and hesitates under light throttle. also misses at idle once warm. under heavier throttle the misses and hesitation goes away. Any help appreciated.

1997 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

I have a 1997 aerostar 4.0 I notice when driving at low speeds the egine will surge like your giving gas and letting up but this will go away as you pick up speed. Also when you slow down from highway speeds and then resume or lets say accelarate it will miss out a couple of times then as you get up to speed this goes away. Took to ford they said fuel pump was bad put in new one 425.00 Still the same thing Other then this runs real good any ideas.

1990 Aerostar Heating & Cooling System Malfunction

I have a 1990 4.0 Ford Areostar.
The heater is malfunctioning. The blower works fine and adjust to all 3 speeds. There's no hot air, just cool air that blows out from the vent.
Could this be just a bad thermostat?
Please help.......

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1997 Aerostar Ignition System Won't Start

There seems to be no spark when engine has been off for more than 1 hour. After playing with ignition key and only when hum of fuel pump comes on and off after 5 secs does the car start. there is no spark at coils when it acts up.

1990 Aerostar Ignition System Failing


1993 Aerostar Ignition System Won't Start

My van will start right off when it is anywhere from about 40 degrees and up. But anywhere below that the engine won't even turn over. I can hear the fuel pump kick in to start, and everthing else seems to be in order. I have taken it to a trusted friend and certified mechanic and he could not find the problem. We have run as many compter tests and scans that we can think of, but there seems to be no cause. Is this a common problem? Is it a mechanical problem or electrical? And what is it?

1999 Aerostar Chassis, Suspension & Steering Malfunction

Sorry, I have a 94 Aerostar 3.0 2WD with 200K+ miles on her. She is leaking oil real bad and when I put her in gear to drive or reverse from a park/idle she hesitates for a moment sometimes longer or won't go at all. I was told by our local Auto Zone dude, that she needs a new Rack and Pinion to start with. I searched and found a few rebuilt ones online for about 130 bucks with a 90.00 core deposit. I read somewhere that OEM parts are best and last longer. Do you agree? And how hard is it to replace a rack and pinion? My only experience is putting in a new radiator, replacing hoses etc. My husband has a bit more but nothing major. Mahalo for your time.
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